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Award Winning Author: Meeka Wojo

Won the International Purple Dragonfly Book Award 

Charity and Making a Difference category
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Another Tuesday At Popcorn Elementary: Integrity


Author Meeka Wojo has four published books. 

Awards: The Royal Dragonfly Book Award contest is a worldwide book competition that honors excellence in all literature.  The Purple Dragonfly contest awards excellence in Children's books. Author Meeka Wojo has won both awards for her writings.  She received the Story Monsters Honorable Mention Award in the categories of Charity & Making a Difference.

Meeka illustrates all her published books with family help. She enjoys many forms of art.  Meeka once shook hands with Mike Pence when awarded for an art competition.

Writing Competition:
May 2019 Won the Bryson Taylor Writing Competition and is published in Jackie B. Watson's latest book.

Several magazines have interviewed Meeka and published features based on those interviews. 

Meeka's latest publication:

 Another Tuesday At Popcorn Elementary: Integrity

ALL ABOARD THE SHARKO EXPRESS TRAIN! Join animal friends as they ride a train operated by unicorns to a waterpark- on a school day!! What!?

Volume 3 in the best-selling book series, Another Tuesday at Popcorn Elementary, reminds readers of the lessons in the previous two stories: 

how to deal with a bully, and what does teamwork mean, then sweetly adds a *new character for this lesson on integrity and being yourself.

The international award winning child author, Meeka Wojo, aims to better humanity. Read along with the cute animal characters as they go on adventures. Characters deal with bullying, teamwork, and learn about integrity. Core character building lessons are fun and entertaining at Popcorn Elementary. 

*This book includes a character based upon a real life friend diagnosed with a skin condition called vitiligo. Thank you Denise Sawyer Chamberlain. The author wants to help children with and without vitiligo realize they are unique and wonderful.

See you at Popcorn Elementary! 

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"Please help me create a better world by teaching everyone that it is okay to be yourself and you are important."

Quotes for a Queen

A book of useful quotes every queen will love. 

The quotes are created by Queen Meeka Wojo (QMW).

Another Tuesday at Popcorn Elementary 

Volume 2


This award winning book reminds the reader about what bullying is and also teaches a core character trait of teamwork.

Another Tuesday at Popcorn Elementary

Volume 1 

No Bullies!

This award winning book shows that bullying can and does happen in many places, in many ways, and on any regular day, like a Tuesday. Meeka is proud of her book because it is a fun story, made by kids, for kids, to help everyone learn that it is okay to be yourself. 

Every individual is worth celebrating.

Meeka donates books to charities, schools, and libraries.  Additionally, she sold copies of her first book and donated 25% of the sales to a charity called  Crown Cares, the anti-bullying platform introduced to me by USA National Miss. 


My Work

Since 2018, my goal is to stop bullying within schools.

I know that I am making a difference because I have written, published, donated and read anti-bullying and core character development books out loud in my community. I hope to share my power point presentation on anti-bullying to my community too.

I look at volunteering to stop bullying as a job, and I take it very seriously. I believe that everyone should feel safe at school and have a chance to live their dreams.

I think that everyone should celebrate people for their unique qualities. If people learn it is okay to be themselves and accept others there will be more kindness for everyone, and less tragedies from shootings, suicide, and bullying.

Question: Be yourself? I don't know who I am?

Answer: That's okay. Just be the best version of yourself each day.

Question: I don't like that person's choices. Shouldn't I hate them?

Answer: No. You can respect people as human beings without agreeing with their choices.

To schedule your anti-bullying presentation or to request a book for your classroom, please send an email to:

Queen Meeka Wojo

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