ABC: A Birthday Celebration

What is A B C?

A  Birthday  Celebrationis a free and simple collection of goodies to help recognize a birthday  that would otherwise not be celebrated.

Why was A Birthday Celebration created?

  • Because every person deserves a celebration on theirbirthday
  • To show love and faith of God
  • To pay it forward…to do good deeds to others, hopingthey will then do something nice for someone else, creating an overall better and happier community.

Who created this gift?

An 11 year old girl named Meeka

  #QueenMeekaWojo  #ABCbyMeekaWojo

Need an ABC box for your community's pantry?

Fill out the form below.

Want to help with the ABC box? 

Fill out the form below.

Contents of each ABC kit will vary.  

Meeka Wojo earns her own money that she uses to purchase each gift.

If you'd like to help out with donations, please fill out the contact form above.  This is NOT a 501c, but all donations will be 100% used on the Birthday Celebrations.

No ingredients? No problem.

The ABC cake is created with the thought that everyone may not have access to every ingredient.  So, the chefs of the ABC Kitchen created cakes using only one 12 oz can of soda and a cake mix, and had independent taste testers approve.

What flavors can you create? 

Cooking time ranged from 22 to 33 minutes at  350  degrees Fahrenheit. 

Adults should closely monitor the baking.

  • PUPCAKE  = Chocolate cake + rootbeer 
  • SPRITE-ETTI = Funfetti (white cake withsprinkles) + Sprite 
  • LEMON-LIGHT = Lemon cake + Sprite 
  • GRAPE-BERRY = Strawberry cake + grapeFanta 
  • KINDNESS = Devil’s food cake + coke
  • GINGER = Ginger spice cake + ginger ale
  • SPRINGTIME = White Strawberry cake +root beer  
  • DREAMY = White cake + orange
  • PARTYTIME= Funfetti cake + Dr. Pepper 

Food Pantry Lettter

 Dear food pantry,

     Hello. My name is Meeka.  Thank you for reading this letter about my idea to support emotional health of the food pantry customers in the community.  My own volunteering in the community, specifically at food pantries, has helped me recognize a way to improve the lives of those we serve that are experiencing food insecurity.

While volunteering at a food pantry, I was shocked by the quantity of people the pantry serves.  As I was leaving my volunteer position that day, I thought about how blessed I am to have food security.  I have food at home.  I have food anytime I need it.  I even have food simply when I just want to eat.  I have enough food that if I am full, I throw the rest away.  Even though weeks have passed since my last pantry volunteering, there is a feeling that has stuck with me.  There is not really away to describe this feeling, but I repeatedly visualize the look in the parents’ eyes as they requested assistance… and even more frequently, I find myself thinking of the look in the children’s eyes.  Do the children who face food insecurity have the opportunity to have a special family celebration on their birthday? I believe everyone deserves to be celebrated on their day.  So, I came up with a solution: “A Birthday Celebration”.

“A Birthday Celebration” is intended to bring joy to a family experiencing food insecurity on their child’s birthday.  “A Birthday Celebration” can be requested at a family’s local food pantry. 

What is included in “A Birthday Celebration”?  The goal is for the boxes to be of a standard size and for each box to contain similar items.  An example box contains the following:

  • Cake mix
  • Icing
  • Balloons (note these are latex and should only be used while supervised by adults)
  • A color yourself birthday card
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Can of soda
  • One FUN ITEM (examples are a small notebook, a yo-yo, a hot wheels car, inflatable beach ball, etc).

For simplicity, the boxed cake mix can be made with one 12 ounce can of soda instead of oil and eggs.   A list of substitution ingredients is inside the ABC box. 

How many “A Birthday Celebration” blessing boxes do you think you would need in a month?  How do you want to get donations for the items? If you have enough resources that would help provide the items, I would like to come in once a month to assemble them for you.  I also don’t mind calling the places that you think will donate the items to fill boxes monthly.  This example box was assembled with my own money with items from Dollar Tree, plus I bought the cake and icing from Dollar General.

Whatdo you think?

P.S. Also, specifically for Children’s Hospital, members of a family that may not have food insecurity, but end up spending a birthday in the hospital could benefit from the ABC box.  

There is a contact form above.  Thank you.  

Peter 4:10: "As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace:"

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